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catering from 1984

Passion, dedication and love in everything we do.

Bardo al mare was born in 2018 from an idea of ​​Alessio who, almost as a challenge, decided to take the path aimed at changing a historic rotisserie in Marina di Cecina. In a larger and more modern format capable of welcoming passing tourists, but also local customers, fond of good Tuscan food.

Every day we offer classic and innovative dishes of typical local cuisine, with an eye towards the quality of the raw materials, all presented within a youthful and dynamic context.

Mauro Baldanzi

Entrepreneur and family man, mind and legs of Bardoalmare. Cecinese Doc, he took his first steps in catering at a very young age, when at just twenty he inaugurated the Bar Moderno, a Palazzetana institution. Seafarer and fisherman, an activity he carried out for almost 10 years aboard his “Corsaro”, but also sommelier and welcoming innkeeper. Mauro embodies an eclectic and inimitable mix that makes him the perfect Captain of Bardo al Mare.

His dream in the drawer? Going back to fishing aboard his Alfrada, the dream boat named after his children: Alessio, Francesca and Daniele.

Gabriella Ficcadenti

Marchigian by origin and Tuscan by adoption. Chef and prime mover of Bardoalmare. Always in the world of catering, he honors Tuscan cuisine with dedication and sincerity, seeking the flavors of the past with an eye towards current events.

Mother, wife, but above all, grandmother: touch everything but not her children and her tripe. Obviously… try it!

Alessio Baldanzi

Born in 1994. A concentration of passion, dedication and creativity. Son of an artist, raised among pots and pans, he soon embarked on a career in catering, starting from the hotel institute of Rosignano, arriving in the kitchens of half of Europe, spreading the cult of Cacciucco between Holland and Denmark, without forgetting his mother country, also conquering Dolomites and Lake Garda. Strength, tenacity and determination are his main characteristics.

His motto? “Spingere cavallo – Push horse” wafting throughout the kitchen!

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